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Xianning Mufeng Tea Won the First Prize in the First "National Drink Competition"

source:咸宁新闻网 2010-09-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Reported by Xu Yujun (www.xnnews.com.cn)

  Yesterday, the Municipal Agricultural Research Institute revealed that Mufeng Tea which was chose to take the competition won the first prize in the first "National Drink Competition".

  It is reported that the first "National Drink Competition" was organized by the China Tea Science Committee; and there are 302 well-known teas, jointly selected by the authority and consumer of tea identification and site notary. The experts agree that Xianning Mufeng tea tastes well and smells pleasant.

  It is understood that the base of Xianning Mufeng Organic Tea is in the Baiyun Mountain, Damuxiang Township. It possesses about 1,000 acres, where over 600 m above sea level, throughout the year is mist-shrouded, fertile soil, rich in organic matter, which provides a good ecological environment for the formation of the quality of tea. It is understood that Xianning Mufeng Tea also won the first prize of the eighth "Famous tea of China".

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