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The Brick Tea of Zhaoliqiao Been the First Geographical Indication Protection Products in Xianning

source:咸宁新闻网 2010-11-29 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Reported by Ai Jugui and Yan Jun (www.xnnews.com.cn)

  Yesterday, the "Zhaoliqiao Brick Tea", as the geographical indication protection products, had been passed the declaration the group of experts organized by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision. This news was revealed by the Chibi Bureau of Quality Supervision. This was the first one which has won this fame in Xianning, and indicates the great breakthrough in this field.

  In order to promote the branding and industrialization of the "Zhaoliqiao Brick Tea", the government of Chibi decided to declare the "Zhaoliqiao Brick Tea" as a geographical indication protection product.

  The success of the declaration has significant and far-reaching significance for improving the visibility, excavation and advocacy of the "Zhaoliqiao Brick Tea", and the culture of the "Zhaoliqiao Brick Tea" and Chibi culture, enhance the product's market share and competitiveness, and promote the industrial development of the "Zhaoliqiao Brick Tea".

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