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Featured agriculture cultured 165 pollution-free brands in Jiayu

source:咸宁政府网 2013-06-14 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  XIANNING Jun. 14(www.xnnews.com.cn) reported by Wang Tian, Qin Xiu and Zhu Huaiqing Jiayu County Agricultural Office on June 5 issued a good new: peach, plum, loquat and red bayberry from Gaotieling Town had successfully won national organic certification after 3 years of strict monitor and transformation.

  “Although it’s small and common, its taste is very good for it’s naturally ripe without any drug residue.” That day reporter saw some tourists came there especially were picking plum, others tasting nectarine, and others taking pictures with laughter and cheer in Green JiaYuan Organic Orchard in Gaotieling Town.

  It’s reported that Hubei Green JiaYuan Ecological Agriculture and Forestry Co., Ltd settled down Linjiang Village, Gaotieling Town at the end of 2007 invested 20 million yuan and used hillock and gentle slope to develop organic fruit base covering an area of 2000 mu (Stage I) which produces peach, plum, loquat and red bayberry. The company not only won national organic certification, but also its registered “Jiabo” organic red bayberry was titled “Gold Award Product” on the 9th National Agricultural Fair last year.

  The company began to apply for national organic certification in 2009. The expert team from Beijing Continental Hengtong Certification Co., Ltd conducted a strict comprehensive sampling inspection on soil and product through field visit, including environment in fruit fields, polluted climate available nearby or not, ph value and containing element of soil, standard management and fertilizer and insecticide during the period of application.

  In recent years relying on convenient traffic and abundant soil resources Jiayu speeds up agricultural structure adjustment to make featured agricultural industry bigger and stronger, following a road of high quality agriculture based on the platform of “grassroots agriculture technology extension system reform and construction subsidy project”, “sunshine project”, and “three 10 thousand activity”.

  “The high-end agriculture is an inexorable trend of modern agricultural development. So planting organic fruit can not only effectively protect environment and resources to eliminate negative effects of traditional agriculture, but also guide farmers to develop new agricultural production to promote agricultural sustainable development.” said Li Shicai, the deputy director of Jiayu County Agricultural Office.

  Up to now the county has formed 8 featured agriculture demonstration bases; cultivated area of pollution-free agricultural products is 138 thousand mu; green food base covers an area of 54 thousand mu; conversion to organic base covers an area of 726 mu. There are 165 pollution-free brands, 30 green food brands, and 4 conversion to organic brands in the county at present. A batch of regional public brand effect, taking Jiayu vegetable, Panjiawan vegetable, Jiayu crab, Jiahua loquat, Jiabo red bayberry, Dahe grape as the representative began to highlight.

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