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Lotus seed from Xiangyang Lake in Xianning becomes one of foods for astronauts in Shenzhou-10 spacecraft

source:咸宁政府网 2013-06-17 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  XIANNING Jun. 17(www.xnnews.com.cn) reported by Sheng Yong, Ma Li and Jiang Huan “Some food for astronauts in Shenzhou-10 spacecraft is made by lotus seed from Xiangyang Lake.” Recently Liu Shixiong (President of Xianning Xiangyang Lake Lotus Seed Trading Co., Ltd) shared this good new with everyone.

  Lotus seed from Xiangyang Lake and other 42 brands bid for food material for “Shenzhou-10 spacecraft” this March, and the former took the first place with its special advantages.

  The seed of lotus in Xiangyang Lake is from space lotus in Guangchang, Jiangxi province. Since 1994 Guangchang White Lotus thoroughly remolded itself into space lotus through repeated experiments in space, and its seed is big with high quality.

  In “interview” the “interviewers” paid a field visit in lotus base in Xiangyang Lake, Xian’an: there is not one factory around original ecology lakes covering an area of 50 thousand mu which do not suffer any pollution. The lotus seed there is an absolute green food.

  The “interviewers” saw in Xiangyang Lake Lotus Seed Trading Co., Ltd the whole processing procedure, such as unshelling, selecting, buffing, etc. are basically completed via traditional handicraft. No bad lotus seed, no bleaching. The “green” element of lotus seed from Xiangyang Lake doesn’t suffer any damage.

  The 500g vacuum-packed product contains about 520 lotus seeds (about 100 less than other brands) with same size. It has a fresh and sweet taste.

  The lotus seed from Xiangyang Lake stood out from over two months of strict selection and became food materials for astronauts in Shenzhou-10 spacecraft, providing 20 thousand tons of lotus seeds.

  At present there are about 1000 lotus growers in Xiangyang Lake district, Xian’an where annual output can reach 8000 tons and some large-scale domestic food enterprises, such as Wahaha signed supply agreement with it for its quantity and quality can guarantee.

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