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“Xianning flavor” is popular at the 30th China Food Expo

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-12-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The 30th China Food Expo and China (Wuhan) International Food Fair was opened in Wuhan International Expo Center on December 3, 2021.

The exhibition area of Xianning Pavilion covers an area of 168 square meters, setting three distinctive sections, such as superior products of Xianning, time-honored brand products and 6 counties or districts’ products. People are dazzled by featured products, including Chibi green brick tea, Sanpu small fried dough twist, Jiayu wild lotus root, August flower osmanthus sauce, purple perilla chili sauce, Yangchunyuan sesame cake, Tongcheng dried tofu, etc.

In order to publicize local characteristic agricultural products and fully display local enterprises and characteristic agricultural products, the city organized a total of 21 enterprises to participate in the exhibition with more than 40 categories and 200 varieties of agricultural products.

During the exhibition, the characteristic agricultural and sideline products of Xianning are favored by the majority of consumers. Yangchunyuan sesame cake, Paizhouwan fish ball and other old brand featured products are eye-catching, because citizens came in an endless stream to choose and buy. Consumers have been praised the newly-developing products, such as sealwort, Luoshen health wine, owing to its green and healthy quality, which attracted many visitors to taste and buy.

Since the 14th Five-Year Plan, the city has carried out the rural revitalization strategy: deepen supply-side structural reform in agriculture, take actions to improve the efficiency of industries, the quality of products, and the ecological environment, vigorously develop industries with local characteristics, and promote nano-agriculture to further boom the urban brand of Xianning.

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