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Lushui Lake

2012-03-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Lushui Lake is a national key scenic spots, and is located in Xianning City Hubei Province. It was named so because Lu Xun, the famous general of Wu Kingdom in the Three Kingdoms Period had garrisoned here. The area of Lushui Lake is 57 square kilometers and water storage capacity is 0.72 billion cubic meters. There are more than 800 islands dotted with the lake. The largest island has an area of 100 hectares, and the smallest is like a boat. The water quality of the lake is clear and turquoise. The water waves ripple, fish boat starts fast, and there are many speedboats. There are many forests and bamboos in Xuefeng Mountain of Hunan shore. Lushui Lake is well-known for its deep mountains, green forest, clean water and beautiful island. It is an ideal place for summer recreation, tourism, rehabilitation and water sports.

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