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Longyou Hotspring

2012-03-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Longyou Chibi Spa Resort is 5 kilometers away from the center of the city, 110 kilometers going northward to Wuhan, 70 kilometers southward to Yueyang, 210 kilometers from Changsha, 40 kilometer in the west from Chibi ancient battlefields, and adjacent to the famous scenic areas of Lushui Lake in the south. Longyou Chibi Spa Resort is located at the foot of Wuhongshan which has beautiful scenery. Wuhongshan springs have existed since ancient times, and is said to be the Emperor Shun’s lodging place when traveling to south. His two concubines, Ehuang and Nu ying had traced here, and in Tongtingjun Mountain, and finally became the two Goddesses of the Xiangshui River.

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