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Neichong Yao Village, Tongcheng successfully selected into the 3rd batch of list of key villages of national rural tourism

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-08-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the notice on publicizing the third batch of list of key villages of national rural tourism and the first batch of list of key towns of national rural tourism on August 2. Neichong Yao Village, Tongcheng County is only village selected in Xianning.

Neichong Yao Village is located in the southwest of Yaogu Mountain at the border of Hunan and Hubei provinces, used to be the “settlement” of the Yao nationality ancestors. In 2001, China (Guangxi) Yao Association identified Neichong (Dafengbang) as the early Qianjiadong of Yao nationality. In 2012, it was named as Yao Village by Tongcheng county government. It is the only Yao village in Hubei Province and one of 51 villages with Yao characteristics in China. In 2016, the village was included in the fourth batch of national traditional village protection list by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. In 2017, it was identified as the Chinese Ancient Yao Culture Inheritance and Exhibition Base, and it is a national advanced village in "eliminating pornography and illegal publications". Yaogu Mountain historic site (a series of stone mounds, stone terraces, etc.) was included in the sixth batch of cultural relics protection units in Hubei province.

In recent years, the rural revitalization projects in Neichong Yao Village, Tongcheng County build the village into “the first village of China Ancient Yao Culture” based on Yaogu Mountain tourism planning, with the theme of “Yao culture across one thousand years, charm of medicine across Jingchu” according to the overall layout of "one axis, two rings and three areas", striving to create a AAAA level scenic spot integrated with Yao township style, landscape countryside, traditional Chinese medicine culture, and making it become the rural tourism boutique of "eating farmer's meal, living in farmer's yard, observing natural scenery, appreciating folk customs and enjoying pastoral pleasures".

The Yao township medicine valley scenic area is completed and put into service in the village. The scenic area is based on the natural geographical features, combined with three plates of the ancient Yao culture, traditional Chinese medicine culture and modern tourism project, with a total of 25 scenic spots, which has become a well-known tourist attraction covering the Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces. (By Li Jia/Xianning Daily)

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